Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tae kwon do Tournament

Last weekend I went to my first tournament. I kicked some tail and got my tail kicked in the process.

Sleeping Babies

While I was in working on the computer I noticed an eerie silence. I decided I must find the source of this silence and to my extreme surprise this is what I found. . .

The Dyer Totem pole

Playing in the Rain

The boys and I were sitting inside on a sunny day reading books when all of a sudden we heard the clamor of a torrential downpour. We ran to the window to see what was going on and what did we see? HAIL. Now to us Sacramentens, hail is pretty darn exciting, it's about as close as we get to seeing snow. We dashed to the closet to gear up, luckily David received a pair of rain boots from the Easter Bunny. Gear up we did (at least the boys did) and then out the door they ran. By the time they got out there the hail was gone, but the rain remained. They spent the rest of the afternoon out there and the weather went from sun to rain back to sun all afternoon. When it rained they raised there umbrellas, when it was sunny they lowered them.