Thursday, June 23, 2005


Cody and Kobe

Noelle is quite the trooper

Davey and Miles

Cody, Kobe and Raelyn

It's as fun as the name suggests. Imagine spending a day with 6 kids, amusement park rides and snow cones. I guess this is summer in a nutshell. The kids went from one ride to the next in a seemingly endless circle of amusement. I knew the day was coming to a close when Davey fell asleep on one of the rides.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Noelle is sitting up!

Camping Trip

We took a magnificent vacation last week. We headed down the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur. Cheryl described Big Sur as "25 miles of the most beautiful coastline in the world." I have to agree. We couldn't help but stop the car and try to capture this beautiful area on film.

We met up with Jeromy's cousin and his family; Micah, Cheryl, Jaden, Beckam and Demi at the campsite. Our campsite was next to a creek shaded by beautiful redwoods. The ocean was within 100 feet of our campsite. We were in awe at the beauty. The boys played in the ocean everyday, even though it was unseasonably chilly.

We went on several hikes. It was like hiking through a tropical rain forest full of towering redwoood trees. Cody and David proved to be very good hikers. They led the pack most of the way.

We spent the last day at a cove off the PCH. It was a small beach and there was no one there. I felt like it was our own private beach. It was a beautiful day. Noelle and Beckam have their own private tent.

We are going back next year. We decided August next time so it would be a little bit warmer. You are all invited.

Black Eye

Unbeknownst to us, Miles and Davey were throwing fist sized rocks at the fence in the back yard. One of those rocks missed the fence. Davey likes to tell everyone, "Miles threw a rock at me." Do you think he has learned a lesson. We shall see.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Hannah came to visit us over Memorial day weekend. The girls had a great time hanging out with each other.

Jeromy and Danny had their Big Blue Adventure Race. The race included 8 miles of mountain biking, 5.5 miles of running, riding a tube through a kayak course, and a few odd challenges. They were super! They ended up placing 10 out of 50.

We finished off the weekend at the pool.