Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunday Best


Of course we couldn't pass up Legoland! Jeromy has wanted to go since he was a little boy. No one was disappointed in the lego art. Cody wandered around mini USA in awe. Jeromy is glad he chose his current profession instead of his childhood dream of building legos at Legoland (I am too.)

USS Midway

The boys were fascinated by the huge aircraft carrier in the San Diego Harbor. We were excited to be able to climb aboard. I think Jeromy and I were more impressed than the boys. It was very cool.

The San Diego Zoo

We went to the zoo first thing in the morning. It was a great time to go . . . we felt like we were in our own little jungle. Just us and the animals. The zoo was beautiful. When we were in the bird aviary I was reminded of our hike in Hawaii. We didn't know beforehand that it was a hike for bird watchers. I am a little ADD when it comes to bird watching. The aviary is much more my style; I felt like I was in a rain forest surrounded by beautiful and rare birds hidden throughout. My favorite part was the pygmy hippos they were in the same cage as monkeys and tropical fish, it looked like a great habitat. Noelle loved seeing the pandas, Cody loved the snakes and David loved the gondola ride. Cody was my number one man at the zoo. He was either pushing the stroller or taking care of Noelle. I loved this picture because you can see how helpful he was.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Potty Training

This has been completion of week one potty training. I forgot how trying it is on my patience. By the first day Noelle seemed to have it all down. She could tell me when she needed to go and was accident free. It is this kind of success that leads to true disappointment. I was in for a trying week, when day one was by far the most successful. But now we are at a good place. Her accidents are fewer each day and we are excited that she's "almost there." I am hoping that she will be "good" by the time we go to San Diego in less than 2 weeks!