Monday, March 19, 2007

The Fort

We received this fort from some friends who were moving. Jeromy had to do some major rebuilding to custom fit it into our backyard, he also replaced boards, added support beams, sanded and stained it. The final product; as good as new. I haven't seen my kids since he finsihed it. Cody and David never seem to leave the swings and Noelle climbs up the ladder and slides down, up, down, up, down . . .

The Tall Tale

David came home from his little play group today with glitter all over his face. I thought he looked cute in a silly way. I said to him "How did you get glitter all over your face?" He told me that Raelynn did it. I was surprised and asked "How did Raelynn do it, she's in school." He said "Oh, Raelynn had to get picked up from school for hitting a kid." I was bewildered, "What?" I asked. "Yeah," he continued, "she actually kicked a boy 5 times." I couldn't believe my ears. "Raelynn had to come home from school because she hit and kicked a boy?" He assured me that yes, she had. And he emphasized that she did it 5 times. I thought, "I've got to call Courtney, I just can't believe it." When I called Courtney I got the real story. Raelynn was safe at school, having neither hit nor kicked anyone. But David did get into Raelynn's glitter during playgroup which he was given a time out for. Evidently he made up this story on the spot to stay out of further trouble. There are 2 interesting facts to this story; one, David stuck to his side of the story even after I called Courtney; two, David was in no way going to be punished for the glitter, but the lie was worthy of a punishment. Aunt Courtney's response to the whole thing was, "Tell him to write it down and maybe someday he'll be a famous author." I must admint I never did punish David because I was impressed how quickly he came up with his story and how fully he believed it to be true.