Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here comes the Bride

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Megan's wedding. We got a bit lost on the way to the ceremony and Michelle said it would be sad if I flew up and missed the wedding. Luckily we somehow managed to find the building with 5 minutes to spare, phew! Megan was enchanting. And Joe was so excited. His enthusiasm was almost tangible. Congratulations!
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We were like super heroes. One moment shopping at the mall, the next ducking into a restroom to quickly change. Regretfully we didn't change into costumes but regular old running clothes. But, we wouldn't have been original if we had donned our super hero apparel. The race was packed with super heroes, pirates, turtles and hares, dominoes, animals, you name it!
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There was definitely not a lack of entertainment
on this 5K. My favorite part was watching Pac
Man cruise by closely followed by a Ghost. I was
most intrigued by the "runaway bride." Her dress
floor length and I couldn't help but wonder how she
ran in it. I was severely disappointed that I left my
camera in the car . . . I could've run 3 miles carrying
a camera and it would have been worth it to document
all the absurdity.
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