Monday, December 24, 2007

My Sunday morning without Carrie

My son said a funny thing to me this morning as I was getting out of the shower. He comes running in..."DAD, DAD, QUICK, I need some toilet paper right away."

"What do you need toilet paper for?"

"Uhhh...I don't really want to tell you, but I NEED to wipe it up RIGHT NOW!"

So He grabbed 2 squares of toilet paper and went running off.

I yelled "don't you need more than that??!!"

"NO, its not that big of a mess"

I grabbed a towel and found that the kids had taken the mandarin oranges and were bowling down our entry way with the nativity scene. I guess it makes a cool sound when the nativity pieces jingle against the hardwood floor. Well, one of the oranges had broken open and my daugter had been jumping on it to watch the juice squirt.

So there was David using his 2 squares of tissue to wipe up the mess. He looks up at me in a towel and says "I guess I need more toilet paper".

So I get dressed and go down and help mop it up. From the size of the mess I suspect that it wasn't the only orange that had broken. I probably should have checked the garbage to make sure there weren't 4-5 oranges.

I get done with the moping and my daughter wants to mop as well so I hand her the mop. I look at the clock and uh oh, Its time to leave. I start to rush the kids and am rushing to find shoes, tuck in shirts, and get the kids in the car. David grabs the Cost-Co fruit cocktail out of the pantry and is trying to open it. Of course as soon as I realize this I am frustrated that he is missing the point about getting in the car. I grab the can spin around and rush back to the panty.

My daughter had left her Care Bear on the floor in order to use the mop and somehow climbed up on top of the panty to get the floor mop spray. She had just finished laying down a thick coat of it right under where I landed when I jumped over the care bear in my haste to get out the door on time. So, of course I slipped on the deep puddle that she was mopping, and slipped and screamed while holding the 20 lb fruit cocktail. The fruit coctail went up in the air as I fell onto the hardwood floor.

I did not die. Though as I fell, I saw my life flash before my eyes. It was a painful landing. The only reason I thought the story was funny was because I didn't break any bones.

Noelle faired the worse. All she knew is that she was mopping the floor. She was doing a good job. She was staring at the floor concentrating on doing a good job. Dad comes down the stairs and starts telling the boys to "get moving", then he throws a can of fruit cocktail at her and screams and falls on the floor. It took me 10 minutes to stop her from crying and convince her I wasn't mad at her for mopping the floor, And I didn't mean to throw the fruit cocktail at her. Good thing It didn't hit her or I think she would be damaged for life.

I did take the opportunity to mention that only one spray every now and then was better than 10 sprays in one spot (if she wanted to mop again, though I think she is afraid to mop anything at this point in time).

Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

This is the picture we were going to use for our Christmas card . . . but we aren't going to send Christmas cards out this year. We wish you all a happy holiday and may your new year be filled with joy.
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The Tea Party

The tea party went so well. All of the attendees, Braden, Paige, Sydnie and Noelle, were so polite. They had a tray of bite sized sandwiches and tasties and they sat at their little table and served themselves. They would politely ask for more tea (apple cider). They took turns with all of the games. It was a fun party. Noelle loved it.
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Noelle Turns 3

Davey woke Noelle up early and wished her a Happy Birthday. Noelle said, "It's not my birthday." Davey tried to convince her that it was her birthday. He also tried to tell her she was 3. She disagreed. By breakfast time she accepted her fate as a 3 year old. She also decided that having a birthday was not a bad thing. We had a breakfast of heart shaped toast and eggs, then she opened her birthday present. A tea set . . . just in time for her birthday tea party.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

La La

Have you ever met La La. She goes by many names, Lamb Chop, Chop Chop, La La, Lolly. She has been a member of the family for 8 years, but Noelle is the one who has truly loved and adopted her. She used to be a soft baby gund animal. Now she is fully loved. Noelle chews on her, licks her, hugs her, totes her everywhere. She has traveled much of the United States, she has been lost time and time again, but she always comes back. We think Lolly loves Noelle too.
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The Tree

Jeromy's only requirement this year was that the tree has to be smaller than the one last year. Last year our tree stood a magnificent 13 feet tall. This year he brought the tape measure to the Christmas tree farm . . . so this year the tree tops out at 11 feet. It's still magnificent. I think it was the healthiest tree we've ever had, until we forgot to water it for a week.
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Noelle's Birthday Party

Noelle helped me paint these tea cups pink and then we used them as an invitation to Noelle's Birthday Tea Party. I keep trying to get Noelle to tell me what she wants for her birthday party and her only remark is PINK. So we'll have pink petit fours. I am also planning on making cucumber sandwiches . . . this is my first tea party, so I am unsure of what else is required, tea of course, but I think we are going to have hot chocolate and hot apple cider instead. I'll let you know how it turns out.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cody and Raelynn's Baptism

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Driving across the Desert

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving to spend a week with the Dyer Family. It was an amazing trip! The kids loved playing with their cousins and I loved escaping from the housework and laundry. Jeromy said it was the best Thanksgiving ever. I think we should take a week off every year! Since Minna was there we didn't do much picture taking, her's are far superior anyway . . . so check out Dan and Minna's blog.
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Cody's 8th Birthday

For Cody's birthday we had a pinata. Since Cody was the birthday boy I let him take the first swing, blindfolded, of course. In one swing he knocked the head off the pinata and sent it flying across the room! I laughed at myself, no more first swings for Cody. The other kids were disappointed at first "Aww, I didn't even get to hit it." But they were quickly distracted by the flying candy. My favorite part of Cody's birthday was Dodge Ball. The kids played that game in the garage for over an hour. By the end they were all sweaty and tired . . . I love tired kids!
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Cowboy Boots and Pink Panties

I couldn't resist!
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David's 6th Birthday

I was a little bit surprised when I asked Davey what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he told me he wanted Turkey and Pumpkin Pie. YUM! I was expecting Mac N Cheese.
Ever since last summer Davey has been begging me for a sleepover party. I kept hedging. Finally I told him he could have one for his birthday party, but he could only invite his cousins, Miles and Kobe, and DJ (who is like family.) I was remorseful as Davey's birthday grew closer. I tried to persuade him to have a day time party instead. I told him he could invite everyone he knew and we'd do lots of fun things, etc. He wasn't buying it. So we had a sleepover! We set up a tent in the garage and let the boys "camp" out there. The kids were asleep by 11 (of course that did come with a threat from the mom around 10:45 that if they didn't quiet down they'd get separated.) I was relieved . . . it turned out to be super fun!
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I prefer the second picture of Cody. But the first has a certain charm to it. What do you think? He's getting so big; I know people say that about their kids all the time, but he's wearing a size 12 and he just turned 8. We're wondering when he's going to slow down. He's almost as tall as me!
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We're undecided about these photos . . . Jeromy likes the first one. I like the second one. And the third one is pretty cute too. Which do you like?
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Noelle our Belle

Here's the dilemma . . . I want to blow up one of these pictures to an 8x10 to frame. I just can't decide which one, a little help please! Noelle was such a ham the day we went to take these pictures. She was giving her biggest cheeziest grins, she loves the spotlight!
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