Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mad Dogs

My baby brother, Tyler has been in town the last two days and we've been playing. Yesterday we went to a movie, in the middle of the day, no less. Today we went out to lunch. After lunch Tyler wanted to have Mad Dogs. Here's the recipe: One pan of brownies, dumped on a table, one half gallon of ice cream dumped on top, chocolate and caramel sauce poured on last, everyone gets a spoon and digs in; the faster you eat the more you get. Isn't that the most typical college male recipe? Cody loved it. He's asking if we can do it for his birthday. Do you have to put a health disclaimer on the invitation? Your son is invited to Cody's birthday, please let us know if he is carrying any communicable diseases, as they will all be eating off the same plate (or table.) Davey of course LOVED it. Do you see the big spoon in the middle, that was Davey's. His first bite was as big as a whole brownie sundae. I said, "Davey, your spoonful has to fit in your mouth." Davey was the last one at the table. As I was wiping off the residue he was picking up little pieces of brownie. Mmm Mmm. Let us know if you want to come over next time we do it.
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Heart Attack

Noelle got a new stamp pad and she decided to test it out on Indy. This gives new meaning to heart attack.

A long time ago I blogged about Indy finding his toes. Shortly thereafter he started sucking on his toes. I call his big toe his opposable toe he sucks on it just like his thumb.
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Happy Birthday Stephen!

We had an awesome Birthday Fiesta for Stephen on Sunday. Thanks Paul for putting this collage together! Make sure you click on this and view it larger. Don't miss Indy's fake mustache!