Thursday, December 25, 2008

We've Moved

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Noelle and Chloe!

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Stocking Frenzy

This year I made a new stocking for Indy. It was such a hit, everyone wanted to make stockings. So we made a bunch of little stockings to give away at Noelle's birthday party as a "goody bag."

Cody decided these were too little, so he made a BIG stocking. Of course Davey wanted a big one too, so . . .

I'm not so sure I would drive the fabric with Davey pushing the pedal. You are brave Cody. Luckily Jeromy was home in case we needed a quick stitch job.
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My Double Date

Davey's Happy Meal

Davey and I went out on a date. I told him that we could do anything he wanted to do with a $5 budget. I suggested going out for ice cream or a happy meal. He asked me if we could go to different places and make our own happy meal. Why not? He then asked me for some paper and a pen and started composing a list. You can see the list in the left of the picture above.
McDonalds-french fries
Dollar Store-toy
Sam's Club-Shake
Jack in the Box-Hamburger
Return Bread
Candy Thermometer
The last three items were errands I needed to run. He was gallant enough to run errands with me while we were on our date. We didn't follow the list exactly. At Sam's Club he decided that he wanted a Berry Sundae and a Hot Dog/Soda combo, so we skipped Jack in the Box. Davey ordered and paid for everything, even at the Drive Thru. He was a true gentleman. We took our happy meal and went to the car. I asked Davey what we should eat first and he said, just dig in! After we ate our happy meal and after we finished we played with his new dart gun. We had several contests. I ended up losing 9 to 18. Time flew by, before I knew it we were out of time. It was a fun date! Thanks David.

Later that night I was lucky enough to go on another date with Jeromy, he's taking the picture:) That was fun too!

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